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java technology


Wireless Technology

In the new era of rampant change, cute and compact wireless devices are the clients of many enterprise applications. These changes gave lot of opportunities for business communications and transactions. Now, business is possible anywhere at anytime whether it is a banking transaction or a ticket reservation. Business applications not only take the advantage of these always ON wireless devices , but also the power of latest supporting technologies available for mobile devices on enterprise frameworks like JEE, JME etc. Java Standard Edition and Java Enterprise Edition allowed a common platform for the development of enterprise application for many companies. Similarly Java Micro Edition became the common platform for building many wireless applications.

Just like Java simplified and enhanced the power of enterprise applications, it came again for the support in the form of JME for handheld devices. JME provided a cross platform programming environment with the capability of powerful Java language that allows deploying the same application across a number of wireless devices. A collection of supporting API’s like Lookup API, Location API, Bluetooth API and many more are provided for the ease of building mobile applications. Another advantage is that JEE and JME connectivity worked seamlessly which leverages the synergy and power of both applications.

Our exceptional diverse workforce is well equipped with knowledge of latest tools, collaborative development frame works, and make diverse perspectives for diverse intelligent decisions. We are well acquainted with the development of wireless applications catering to the needs of any industry.

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