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Java Secure Application

Internet applications are under assail, where enterprises are rushing to make their business application models secure. Security is an important aspect in an internet application and application security is of the most concern for developers. Once data is transmitted past the organizational network, it could pass across many networks of computers. This data can be intercepted by unwanted hands and the security might be at risk. Initially, when Java was released, Developers were attracted to java because of many reasons, some for its ease of management, some for its platform independent proficiency, and other thing is for its security. Java has plenty of inbuilt securities to prevent data hacking across networks. Java defines set of APIs, tools and implementations to securely manage all sections of an application. Even in content level, Java has changed the face of web from a static publishing medium to an interactive application development platform by providing executable security content embedded in HTML documents.

Java is not only a programming language; as said, it is a cross platform operating environment – Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM is separate and independent of Java language. The JVM could run bytecodes compiled from any languages, not necessary it being Java, and the class files that make up Java objects could be created by any compiler that targeted the Java Virtual Machine. Security has implemented separately in each of these fronts in the language, the compiler and the virtual machine. Object oriented nature of the language also adds to its security. This includes encapsulation of data within objects, the capability to inherit from existing secure objects, controlled access to data structures via public methods to avoid operator overloading etc. JVM includes security manager which verifies and responsible for loading all class files used by applet or swing. Untrusted class files get blocked by the JVM. JDK provides advanced tools like key tool and jarsigner for producing public/private cryptographic key pairs and for signing java archives.

With an experience of more than a decade Telious Technologies can give full proof guarantee for Java based secure applications. We are conceited in building long term relationships with our clients in building Java secure applications implementing definite, extensible and inter operable security architecture.  Integrating security measures into the development from the very initial stage of development to deployment, we implement the security constraints in the entire development cycle. The quality of the security as well as the ability of the application to integrate with the existing security infrastructure will be able to evaluate throughout the development.
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