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Application Migration

For a company to continue in its line of growth and to maintain a competitive edge, it is inadequate for the in house applications to handle the business volume in the changing business demands and technology challenges. Instead it needs to shift from the older system to more advantageous solutions provided by new improved technologies. Application migration helps enterprises with cutting costs, reducing risks and maintaining quality as well as accuracy through out the development in the migration of information. Application migration, in fact, is the process of moving the existing components or sections of a software to another better environment or technology.
Migration of one application to another is inevitable in the present changing business scenario. Due to the unavailability of proper supporting devices, developer unavailability in older technologies, improvements in latest configurations for the support of latest devices, enhanced performance all these are the reasons for application migration. The aim of application migration should be that it should retain the business logics with latest set of technologies for greater performance and use of newer functionalities. Increasing core competency of the existing system, integration with other systems, enhanced architecture, inter operability, increased business efficiency and added cost benefits are the outcomes of an effective application migration. Application migration is all about use and reuse of systems in alignment with the latest technology.
Even though application migration is very important for a competitive edge, frequent application conversions are practically infeasible and economically not viable. Comparing to other technologies java has a unique advantage; migrating one java technology to another is quite easy as JEE technologies are based on a common programming language, i.e. Java. FoxPro applications to Swing desktop, Power Builder applications to Swing Web based applications, Oracle forms to JDeveloper etc are common application migration suggested by users.
Telious has an excellent track record in the services provided by our experts in application migrations especially in Java. Our experienced hands after analyzing your requirements and business processes, accordingly will draw a detailed plan for the most efficient migration to the most efficient technology without interrupting your day to day activities keeping in mind the risk and the constrained IT resources and budgets. Our ability and steadfastness to migrate from customer obsolete applications to most competing technology is achieved through years of experience and hands full of successful implementation strategy. We assure you that our experience will be worth for any such application migrations to JEE to serve our customers better and evolve with your business.


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