In a developer point of view JAVA is a programming language like many other PL’s, offering paramount features like simplicity, robustness, platform independence, oop’s logic promoter, efficient memory management and many others, all these make’s JAVA a powerful and dominent tool for building software applications. But boundary of JAVA extends much beyond.

One of the prominent feature’s which give JAVA edge over all other existing programming language is the ‘platform independence’, but JAVA beyond a programming language is a platform itself.

 JAVAOS is a small, memory effecient, fast and highly portable operating system developed for mainly powering a variety of small electronic devices such as PDA’s, NC’s which are low on architecture, power ,memory system. JAVAOS provides Java Run Time environment,network capabilities JAVA APIs,GUIs on these devices.JAVAOS is available on hardware platforms like INTEL X86,SUN SPARC and also JavaChip processors family like (UltraJava,MicroJava,PicoJava) these processors run on range of products including consumer electronics such as Eeb phones,PDA’s  and network computers,servers, sensors etc.



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  JavaOS is a combination of platform dependent and independent code.The platform dependent code of JavaOS is known as Kernel.The main function of kerenl is to abstract hardware specific features and provide the rest of JavaOS platform neutralinterface, Kernel consist of Microkernel and Java Virtual Machine(JVM).Microkernel provides memory management,interrupt handling,multithreading and other low level operating system functions.The Java bytecodes are interpreted and exceuted by Java Virtual Machine(JVM).

The platform independent code of JavaOS is know as Java runtime which is written in java.Java Runtime consist of windowing system,graphics system,networking support,device drivers and other elements of java API,java runtime is portable and upgradable.The device drivers provides  communication with devices such as keyboard,mouse and other  network devices.The network support provides TCP/IP protocol suite,graphics and windowing system provide and implement the Abstract Window Toolkit(AWT).



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  • Provides the native JAVA support – Ideal for intranet applications
  • Efficient processing of resources,small memory foot print-ideal for thin-client application on network computers
  • Needs only 4MB RAM enough to run JAVAOS,HotJava and other application.
  • Ported to x86 machines,extending their lives on NC’s.
  • Burn into ROM to run on PDA’s,Web Phones,hand PC’s and consumer electronics etc.
  • Integrated network support enables TCP/IP communication capabilities.
  • Remote boot and network login capabilities enable java applications and support file installation via central server.
  • This allows system administrators to upgrade client s/w and backup client data periodically.
  • JavaOS windowing system provides support HotJava and HotJava Views providing with graphical user interface,capability for web browsing,run Java Applets and exchanging mails
  • JAVAOS allows user to logon to network from any locations
  •  JAVAOS support complete Java API hence all pure Java Application will run on JAVAOS the devices using the JAVAOS can take advantages like multithreading,memory management,network capabilities,graphic etc.