1. JClarity – Performance Monitoring

Jclarity was launched in September 2014, which offers two product range for Java programming performance improvement. One is Illuminate and the other one is Censum. Illuminate used for java coding performance monitoring, while Censum is a java based application focused on garbage collection log analysis. These tools provide actionable insights to solve the detected issues, more than just collecting data or visualizing it.

2. Bintray – Social Platform for Binaries

Java developers face many problems while importing application libraries from anonymous repositories or from any external resources. Bintray provides new logic to the code and it provides efficient and social platform for developers to share open-source packages. It has over hundreds of packages in thousands of repositories which available for developer and options for team management, access controls, integration with exisitng repositories etc and much more features.

4. Takipi – Error tracking and analysis

Takipi is built with a simple object oriented concept in mind, specifying developers exactly when and why programming code breaks during execution. Whenever a new exception is thrown, catch or a log error occurs – Takipi captures it and shows the developer, variable state which caused the problem, across methods and machines. Takipi will overlay this over the actual code which executes at the moment of error – thus developers can easily analyze the exception during the early stages of development.

5. Elasticsearch – Search & Analytic platform

Elasticsearch has been around for a while in java field, but Elasticsearch 1.0.0 was released recently in market. It is an open-source project built on top of Apache Lucene. The main promise Elasticsearch provides is an easy to use, scalable and distributed efficient search result and tracking.

6. Spark – Micro Web Framework

On basis of pure Java, Spark is a Sinatra inspired micro web framework for quickly creating web applications in java platform. Spark was rewritten in 2015 to support Java 8 and lambdas, Spark is open-source framework. It’s being developed by Per Wendel and a small number of contributors over the last few years in a mission to support rapid creation of web applications with a minimal effort.

7. Plumbr – Memory Leak Detection

Going deeper to the Java Virtual Machine, the Garbage Collector analyse for objects that are not used by the application further in the process. By mistake, sometimes the development team still hold references to the objects in the memory which are no longer in use. This is where memory leaks happen during execution, and here the significance of Plumbr comes in. It detects and reports if the application has memory leakage issues and provides actionable information to fix the bug.